Lifeline – a District Council Service helping People Live Independently

The Richmondshire District Council Lifeline service provides reassurance, emergency support and peace of mind to its users, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our  team of mobile wardens visit our   lifeline customers every five to six weeks, or as arranged depending upon individual needs. They also respond to emergency situations, check lifeline equipment regularly  and help to arrange additional support as required.

Lifeline can be provided for as long as you want the service.

Lifeline customers can summon help at any time 24/7 simply  by  pressing a  button provided with the Lifeline equipment. The staff who receive the call can provide help ranging from giving reassurance,   contacting  a friend,  neighbour,  relative, one of our Lifeline mobile wardens  or  the medical and emergency services.

For more information call 01748 901147 and ask for Lifeline.

Click Lifeline – T&Cs of Service Leaflet A5 WEB for further details.