Mobile Access North Yorkshire update October 2021

Council has received the following update from the Mobile Access North Yorkshire project team.

Friday 8th October saw some of the initial core infrastructure deployed in West Scrafton and Leyburn. This allows the network – when it is ready – to connect Coverdale to the main core system.

Through testing, Quickline Communications have been able to confirm the reliability of the network and will continue out to establish the bandwidth this will provide along with how far coverage will reach. This ongoing work will not stop the network being deployed in Coverdale.

The infrastructure requires different parts of the system to connect to each other and this has taken longer than anticipated. Because of this, the project will launch a 4G service initially. We aim that this will be tested the week commencing the 1st November via Quickline. If there are no problems during testing, we hope that the network will go live to those who have agreed to be part of the project the week commencing 8th November. With this in mind, we will be in touch with those residents at the end of the week commencing the 1st November to confirm whether or not the network will go live and confirm next steps.

The upgrade to 5G will take place as soon as the final issues are ironed out.

We are carrying out proof of concept trials – this means that our teams test out the equipment with existing connectivity (either in labs or outside in a location which has access to a network). Some of these have included testing sensors out cameras and sensors, which will be erected on the Tupgill Estate.

The project is also beginning to engage with residents in Arkengarthdale to ask whether they would be interested in taking part in the project. This work will not distract from the network in Coverdale.

Further information can be found on our Twitter and Facebook pages @MobileaccessNY

Update on 5G roll out in Coverdale – July 2021

Council has received the following update from Mobile Access North Yorkshire (MANY)

Quickline Communications are about to ‘go live’ in their backhaul connections. This means we are one-step closer to connecting Coverdale. There are still some technical issues, which they are working to overcome. As soon as we have a confirmed date, we will let you know.
Our use cases are working on proof of concepts. This means that once the network goes live we will be a position to test the technology straight away. Everything is moving forward – albeit slower than we would have liked.
Lancaster University Management School has released their early findings from the interviews which they have conducted with residents of Coverdale. The report is available on our website. This has been fed into DCMS and other current Government consultations. The project is holding a discussion event with other digital infrastructure projects which aims to develop best practice, generate discussion for future collaboration ideas and work out collective next steps that might better achieve the aim of helping rural communities to achieve socio-economic flourishing through improved connectivity. This is part of our scaling up of the findings. The event, alongside the continued interviewing of any Coverdale resident who want to take part, will form a second report.
Now that restrictions are lifting and it is easier to meet face to face, if your Council would like a member of the MANY project to attend a Parish Council meeting to give an update on the project, please let us know.
Contact us via email or call 0300 400 4444.
Further information can be found on our Twitter and Facebook pages @MobileaccessNY

Mobile Access North Yorkshire – update on 5G in Coverdale

Council has received the June update as follows.

June 2021 update

Due to supplier issues – which are an international problem – unfortunately, the ‘go live’ date has had to be put back. Quickline Communications are working with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to overcome this problems. As soon as we have a confirmed date, we will let you know.

We will be informing all residents who have expressed an interest in taking part in the trial.

We held the Connected Futures: Mobile Access North Yorkshire engagement event on Tuesday 18th May at The Saddle Rooms. We had fifty-three attendees from across Coverdale, as well as representatives from DCMS attend. This gave us the opportunity to – finally – meet many residents who have requested to trial the technology face to face as well as meeting new residents. We hope that the residents who attended found it as useful as we did.
Following this event, the project has developed some potential further use cases as well as feeding information back into others to ensure the connectivity supports the needs of the local community. Project use cases are moving forward and some are at the proof of concept stage – this means that the technology is being tested to see whether it does what we think it will do.

Lancaster University Management School will be releasing their early findings from the – over 50 – interviews they have conducted with residents of Coverdale. This information is being used to inform government consultations into bringing connectivity into rural areas as well as highlighting three key themes: working with and for communities, joined up thinking and actions of place; and running a complex project. We will make the findings available to you on its release the week commencing 14th June.

Now that restrictions are lifting and it is easier to meet face to face, if your Council would like a member of the MANY project to attend a Parish Council meeting to give an update on the project, please let us know.
Contact us via email or call 0300 400 4444.

Further information can be found on our Twitter and Facebook pages @MobileaccessNY

Mobile Access North Yorkshire Coverdale drop in event: Tuesday 18th May Time 10.30am to 7pm

This is a message on behalf of MANY.  The poster can be accessed here  Invitation:

Drop-in to find out more.  The MANY project is due to go live in Coverdale in the coming weeks and – as Covid-19 restrictions lift – we would like to invite you to find out more about a digitally connected future. The structure of the day will be flexible allowing us to maintain a Covid-secure environment whilst ensuring as many people can visit as possible. The event will include a series of stands giving you the opportunity to:

• Chat with our project partners to find out more about the MANY project’s aims and objectives including details of our use cases

• See the equipment and technology up close and talk to our technical teams

• Find out about the independent research project conducted by Lancaster University Management School which many of you have been taking part in

• To tell us about any problems you feel could be improved by reliable broadband and mobile signal

• Ask questions about how to get involved

• Find out more about the digital skills support we can offer to ensure that you’re up to speed

• Look forward at how 5G is being used and could enhance your lives and livelihoods.

If you have any questions prior to the event, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Tel: 0300 400 4444
Or follow via:

Mobile Access North Yorkshire (MANY) – Residents Meetings in Coverdale

Part of Middleham Town Council falls within Coverdale.  We have received the following from the MANY team:

We are continuing our community engagement and speaking to more people within Coverdale to find out more about how a lack of digital connectivity affects lives in the area. These continue via our research partners – Lancaster University.

To engage further with the community we are holding two online events at the beginning of February –Invitation and Letter to Residents is attached for your convenience, however, you will, also, receive this in the post. This invitation is being sent to everyone in Coverdale (including those outside the proposed signal area) via the post but please feel free to pass it on to anyone in the area, or display it in areas as you wish.

These events will give an update on the project and an explanation of the technology we are proposing following the completion of technical feasibility studies and continued conversations with residents. We are, also, giving residents the opportunity to present their views about the project and what impact improved connectivity would have on the area. We are keen for those who support improved connectivity to have their views heard, however, because of this we feel it is right to allow other sides of the argument to be heard – as we are aware of some objections.

As a project we are keen to tell your story and highlight the need for reliable and robust connectivity in Coverdale in order to ensure its sustainability for the future but, at this time we need your vocal support.

If all goes to plan, our aim is to have a live network by April 2021, allowing Coverdale to benefit from the latest technology bringing connectivity to the area. At this point there will be an opportunity to test out new technology. We understand that not all residents we have spoken to, will want to do this. Therefore, if you are please let me know so I can pass your details onto our relevant team.


(If you have any queries about this, please raise with the MANY team and not the Town Council.)


A COMMUNITY MEETING to discuss local government reorganisation and potential benefits and risks of installing 5G in the Dales will be held on Wednesday 23rd September 2020

The Town Council invites you to hear presentations from Lucy Moss-Blundell, Stronger Communities Delivery Manager (Richmondshire) at NYCC and Michael Grayson, NYCC’s Programme Manager – Mobile Phone Coverage.  There will not be a formal vote on either matter; your Council wishes to create awareness of these key issues and hear your views before taking any decisions.

This will be held a virtual meeting using Zoom. You may join either by computer or telephone.

Telephone numbers 0203 901 7895 or 0208 080 6591 or 0208 080 6592 or 0330 088 5830 or 0131 460 1196 or 0203 481 5237 or 0203 481 5240

Meeting ID:  996 9056 3830

Passcode:                 563328