As many of you will have seen, the stone walls of the new burial ground and the paved path have been built and the wooden gateway have been installed.  Council is finalising the burial ground ‘rules’ which govern such matters as the appearance of the plots and headstones, which will broadly reflect those of the churchyard next door.  These rules and details of the fees payable, will shortly be published via the Council website and on a new noticeboard to be erected just inside the burial ground and at the Key Centre.

The burial ground has been a long time in the making; it took over 11 years just to transfer ownership of the land to the Town Council. It should serve the needs of Middleham for many decades.

Many of you will want to purchase exclusive rights of burial or make applications for burial services.   If you wish to be notified when applications are opened, please contact the Clerk and David will forward details to you once these have been confirmed.  or call David on 07531 580499.