• Middleham Town Council is made up of seven councillors.  Councillors work together to serve the community and to help the Council make decisions on behalf of the local community. They contribute by suggesting ideas, engaging in constructive debate and by responding to the needs and views of the community. Councillors offer their services on a voluntary basis, serving for at least a four year period.
  • All councils must have a Clerk; ours is part time and is also the Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer of the Council. A great deal of our work is co-ordinated by the Clerk to the Council. The Clerk’s primary responsibility is to advise the Council on whether its decisions are lawful and to recommend ways in which decisions can be implemented. The Clerk can be asked to research topics of concern to the Council, provide unbiased information to help the Council to make appropriate decisions and assist in implementing those decisions.
  • The Council can only make decisions in meetings; individual councillors cannot act on behalf of the Council.
  • Documents setting out how the Council governs itself are contained in the Documents section of this website. There is further explanation of how councils work here

Committees and Responsibilities

Finance Committee

This is composed of 3 Councillors, Cllrs Cade, Fortune and Hopper


MSCWA representative (Sports and Recreation); Cllr Wheeler

Footpaths and Bylaws; [currently vacant]

Planning and Conservation;Cllr Byford

Burial Ground Redevelopment, Cllr Wheeler

Attending local YLCA branch meetings; any Councillor to attend when the clerk is unavailable.

Sue Fairhurst

Chairman and Mayor

Cllr Fairhurst is also the Member for Middleham Ward on…


Honor Byford

Deputy Chairman

Declaration of Interests - Cllr Byford


Greg Fortune


Declaration of interests - Cllr Fortune


Lorna Skelton


Declaration of interests - Cllr Skelton


David Keep

Town Clerk

David's background is as a Chartered Secretary working in industrial…