Council Meeting Agendas

From November 2021 onwards, Council has reviewed the number and frequency of its meetings to allow more time for actions to be completed before the following meeting.

Previously meetings were held on the final Wednesday of each month (other than August and December), ie 10 meetings per year. There will now be 7 meetings, which may not be the final Wednesday of the month.

Future dates, which are all Wednesdays, are shown below. Meetings are held in the Key Centre and with effect from 24 November 2021 will start at 6.30pm. Residents are always welcome to attend meetings.

24 November 2021
9 February 2022
23 March 2022
11 May 2022
22 June 2022
7 September 2022
26 October 2022
7 December2022

The Annual Town Meeting will be held on 18 May 2022

The public and press may attend the meetings and a period of 15 minutes is set aside at the start of each meeting for residents to ask questions.

The agenda is published on the preceding Thursday and displayed on the Council’s notice boards (one on the wall of the Key Centre, the other in the main square) and this website.

Agendas are transferred to the archive section after 12 months.