The Town Council publishes a newsletter called the ‘Middleham Herald’, several times a year which is delivered to all households as well as being available from the foyer of the Key Centre and Central Stores.  Recent issues are available here.

The Christmas Herald December 2020

The Halloween Herald October 2020

The Middleham Herald Coronavirus 4

The Middleham Herald Coronavirus 3

The Middleham Herald Coronavirus 2

The Middleham Herald Coronavirus 1

The BRIDGE is the Newsletter of the ‘Jervaulx’ parish – the churches in Middleham with Coverdale, East Witton and Thornton Steward and is published every month, although currently during Covid19 it is being circulated by email only rather than delivered to every household.  Printed copies are also available from Central Stores and the Key Centre.  The Bridge is much more than a church newsletter, it is also a directory of what is going on in the area.

The Bridge December 2020