Town Council opening hours

Following the announcement of stricter measures on 4 January, the Council Office in the Key Centre will remain closed.  You may still send an email to or call the Clerk on 07531 580499.

Your Town Councillors may be contacted on the following numbers.

Councillor Susan Fairhurst: 01969 622993

Councillor Honor Byford: 01969 625304

Councillor Martin Cade: 01969 622090

Councillor Lorna Skelton: 07793 673240

Councillor Simon Wheeler: 07753 543589

Councillor Nigel Hopper: 07594 814524

Councillor Greg Fortune: 07521 626743

Date of Next Council Meeting

Monthly Council meetings are usually held on the last Wednesday of each month, other than August and December when no meeting is held.  All meetings start at 7pm.

The next Council meeting will however be held on Wednesday 9 December.

The public may attend these meetings, at the start of which there is up to 15 minutes for questions to be asked and statements to be made.

Notices of all meetings are posted in advance on this website and on the two noticeboards – in the main square and outside the Key Centre. Because of Covid19, these meetings are being held virtually until at least May 2021, possibly longer.  If you wish to join a meeting, this can be by internet or by phone and details are set out on the notice of meeting