Middleham has 7 Town Councillors.  Following Greg Fortune’s recent resignation there is a vacancy for a new Councillor.  If you would like to be considered, you are invited to send a written expression of interest to the Town Clerk’s office (either by letter addressed to Middleham Town Council, Middleham Key Centre, Park Lane, Middleham, DL8 4RA or email to by midday on Wednesday 15 March 2023.  The vacancy will be filled by co-option at the council meeting to be held at 6.30pm on Wednesday 22 March 2023.  Each candidate will be invited to say a few words about themselves at that meeting, which will be held at the Key Centre.

To be eligible, you must:

  • be 18 years old or over; and
  • be an elector for the parish; or
  • have resided in the parish for the past twelve months or rented/tenanted land in the parish; or
  • had your principal place of work in the parish; or
  • have lived within three miles (direct) of the parish.

There are potential disqualifications relating to bankruptcy restriction orders, criminal convictions and having been imprisoned.  This does not necessarily render a candidate ineligible however Council needs to be aware.

If you are unsure what being a councillor involves, a job description is available from the Clerk.  If you wish to discuss the role and the co-option process, please speak to any Councillor or the Clerk.

David Keep

Town Clerk