Monthly Police Report – January 9th / February 6th

Incidents of note over the last reporting period:

13th Jan Report of theft of 35x acrow props and 1 x Stilsaw from the Wensley area.

Overnight 15th Jan theft of Quad bike   from the Lunds area.

Between 17th and 18th Jan Theft of Quad bike from the Hudswell area.

Overnight 2nd Feb Theft of plant trailer from the Satronside area.

We do not report crimes whereby victims could be identified for example, Domestic Violence or Harassment, although they are included in the totals below.

6 – Theft

12- Abandoned calls

9 – Violence

8 – Road Traffic Collisions ( minor ).

21 – Suspicious circumstances.

2 – Fraud.

3 – Criminal Damage.

1 – Vehicle offence.

3 – Burglary.

In total in the reporting period, for the area covered by Leyburn, 141 calls were received covering a variety of incidents.

Numerous calls in the Suspicious circumstances, were to do with the door to door sellers who arrive in the area, CLAIMNG to be selling households goods as part of their Probation or to gain points towards an Apprenticeship scheme. Please do not feel that you are helping them in anyway, politely refuse, close the door and call North Yorkshire Police, providing a description and if possible any vehicle details.

PCSO 5232 Don Watson

PC 355 Heather Campbell

PCSO Tracie Taylor – Page

PCSO 5777 Sharon Diamond