Unitary Authority Consultation on Budget Priorities


Let’s Talk …..Money

In our last newsletter, we mentioned the biggest countywide conversation North Yorkshire has ever seen – Let’s Talk. This campaign kicked off with looking at what’s important to you in your local area, and what you think about the proposed community networks.

The next conversation is Let’s Talk Money and is your opportunity to tell us which services you feel are most important before the new council’s budget is agreed.

It is also your chance to share your views about council tax, as well as putting forward ideas for where the new council can generate savings.

The scale of the new council’s operations will see it serve the greatest geographical area of any local authority in the country, and it will have an overall spend of about £1.4billion, including £343million on schools.

How can I take part?

Join the conversation and have your say before 23rd December 2022 online.

Let’s Talk Money is available in a range of formats including large print, easy read and alternative languages. You can also request a printed copy. If you need a different version you can email or call 01609 780780.

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