Richmondshire District Council publishes a leaflet on proposed local government reorganisation

The Minister of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Simon Clarke MP, wants local government in York and North Yorkshire to be reorganised and simplified. His vision is to see at least two unitary authorities (councils that provide all services currently provided by the county, borough and district councils) that would work together at a strategic level, as one combined organisation.

The ‘mega-size’ council is being proposed by the County Council. The Leaders of the district and borough councils in North Yorkshire have come together to oppose creation of a North Yorkshire mega-size council, and create a more practical alternative bid, based on more workable geographies, a grass-roots understanding of local communities, and respect for local democracy.

RDC has published a leaflet setting out the key issues and wants local councils to give their views.  Copies are available in the Key Centre reception area.  It can also be seen here GetChangeRightDemocracy.

This is an important consultation and the outcome of changes may affect the provision of local services and accountability.  Residents are encouraged to get involved and give their views.