Police Monthly Activity Report December 6th / January 9th

The following has been received from the local police team.

Incidents of note over the last reporting period:

Between 23 – 30th Dec vehicle interference attempt theft of Ford Transit in Leyburn area.

Reported 20th Dec Theft of Quad and attempted theft of Land Rover in Horsehouse area.

We do not report crimes whereby victims could be identified for example, Domestic Violence or Harassment, although are included in the totals below.

1 – Theft

8 – Abandoned Calls

7 – Violence

18 – Road Traffic Collisions (minor)

2 – Road Traffic Collisions (serious)

2 – Poaching

17- Suspicious circumstances

2- Fraud

5-Criminal Damage

In total in the reporting period, for the area covered by Leyburn, 149 calls were received covering a variety of incidents.

The A684 along the route between Wensley and Worton has had Matrix Boards installed to warn drivers of the areas that are closed due to Flooding they are large and extremely visible and were obviously expensive to install, unfortunately there are some drivers who either ignore the signs or believe that their vehicle is amphibious resulting in the emergency services being called out to assist. And wasting their time.