Pleasure Ride Sunday 21 August – Please Look Out for Horses on Middleham Moor and Roads near Melmerby

On Sunday 21 August, Racing Welfare and Hurworth Hunt are organising a Pleasure Ride starting from and returning to Middleham between mid-morning until mid-afternoon.  This is a general reminder that until 1pm anyone accessing the Moor must adhere to the rights of way.   From 1pm onwards, as you will be aware, there is freedom to roam the moors; during this time can you please take care to look out for a larger than usual number of horses.

For your information, the Pleasure Ride will go up the side of the low moor all-weather on the bridleway, across Naylors before heading to the High Moor. Once on High Moor, it will head left along the road towards Melmerby, then back towards Middleham before entering Tupgill Park where they will come up through the park, onto the bridleway leading past the pond and then back onto the moor before returning to Sharp Hill.

Riders have been reminded to be vigilant for walkers and volunteers will be dotted around the route to remind riders of this.

Council hopes that everyone has an enjoyable day!