Play Areas and Skate Park Reopens on Saturday 4 July 2020

The play areas between Park Lane and St. Alkelda’s Road that are run by Middleham Town Council will reopen on Saturday 4 July. The skate park on the playing fields, overseen by Middleham Sports and Community Wellbeing Association (MSCWA), will also reopen.

Council and MSCWA have inspected and cleaned the facilities and carried out a risk assessment to ensure that they are safe for use.  A copy of the risk assessment can be obtained from the Clerk or the Council’s website.

Please help keep everyone safe by observing social distancing and following hygiene procedures that are set out below.  These will also be on display at each site.

Coronavirus Safety Rules for this Play Park / Skate Park

To help us keep this play park safe and open for use, please:

  • Bring hand sanitiser gel or wipes to clean your and your children’s hands before, during and after use of play equipment
  • Dispose of any used wipes etc in the bins or take them home with you
  • Clean frequently touched areas of the equipment before and after your children use them
    • Remind your children not to touch their faces, and to cough or sneeze into a tissue or arm when a tissue is not available
    • Watch that your children do not to put their mouths on equipment or their hands in their mouths
    • Remember the need for social distancing
    • No eating or drinking – Consumption of food or drink on play equipment or in the playground area is not allowed
    • Dispose of all litter including any used protective wear such as face coverings or gloves properly in litter bins, or by taking it home.
    • Illness – if anyone in your household has any symptoms that just might be Coronavirus, (persistent cough, temperature, loss of taste or smell) do not use this park. Stay home.
    • Illness: If any member of your household who has used the park is taken ill with what is or might be, Coronavirus, please inform the Town Clerk or any Councillor so that we can take appropriate steps.