Monthly Crime Bulletin – February 2022

The local Neighbourhood Team reports monthly.  Incidents of note over the last month;

2 reported thefts from Co-op in Leyburn have resulted in 3 arrests

For the last 2 months we have had reports of people receiving messages purporting to be from family members which are fake. These messages claim to be in some trouble and need financial assistance. Whoever sends the message appears to have knowledge of the family make up and can come across as genuine. If you receive any such message, please report it to us on 101 or online.

There was a total of 29 crimes recorded in the area during February. I do not report crimes whereby victims could potentially be identified for example, domestic violence or harassment, although they are included in the totals below.

5 crimes were recorded as Fraud whereby people have reported telephone scams. These include eBay and Amazon scams.

A full breakdown by category is as follows:
13 – Violence
5 – Criminal Damage
5 – Fraud
1 – Burglary
5 – Theft
Throughout January there were 17 road traffic collisions reported on our roads. 9 resulting in damage only, and 8 resulting in injuries.  2 persons were arrested for drink driving as a result of collisions

PC1192 Gary Hankin
PCSO 5232 Don Watson
PSCO 5550 Tracie Taylor-Page
Leyburn and the Dales Safer Neighbourhood Team