Mobile Access North Yorkshire – update on 5G in Coverdale

Council has received the June update as follows.

June 2021 update

Due to supplier issues – which are an international problem – unfortunately, the ‘go live’ date has had to be put back. Quickline Communications are working with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to overcome this problems. As soon as we have a confirmed date, we will let you know.

We will be informing all residents who have expressed an interest in taking part in the trial.

We held the Connected Futures: Mobile Access North Yorkshire engagement event on Tuesday 18th May at The Saddle Rooms. We had fifty-three attendees from across Coverdale, as well as representatives from DCMS attend. This gave us the opportunity to – finally – meet many residents who have requested to trial the technology face to face as well as meeting new residents. We hope that the residents who attended found it as useful as we did.
Following this event, the project has developed some potential further use cases as well as feeding information back into others to ensure the connectivity supports the needs of the local community. Project use cases are moving forward and some are at the proof of concept stage – this means that the technology is being tested to see whether it does what we think it will do.

Lancaster University Management School will be releasing their early findings from the – over 50 – interviews they have conducted with residents of Coverdale. This information is being used to inform government consultations into bringing connectivity into rural areas as well as highlighting three key themes: working with and for communities, joined up thinking and actions of place; and running a complex project. We will make the findings available to you on its release the week commencing 14th June.

Now that restrictions are lifting and it is easier to meet face to face, if your Council would like a member of the MANY project to attend a Parish Council meeting to give an update on the project, please let us know.
Contact us via email or call 0300 400 4444.

Further information can be found on our Twitter and Facebook pages @MobileaccessNY

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