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Middleham Burial Ground is Now Open (April 2022)

Middleham’s burial ground is now open.  The burial ground has been a long time in the making; it took over 11 years just to transfer ownership of the land to the Town Council. It should serve the needs of Middleham for many decades.

All funerals and interments of ashes bookings should be made through a funeral director.

If you wish to purchase an exclusive right to a plot, please contact David Keep, the Town Clerk / Burial Manager on office@middlehamtowncouncil.co.uk or 07531 580499 or write to David Keep, Town Clerk, Middleham Town Council, Middleham Key Centre, Park Lane, Middleham, DL8 4RA.

Further details here https://middlehamtowncouncil.co.uk/civic-burial-ground/