Update on 5G roll out in Coverdale – July 2021

Council has received the following update from Mobile Access North Yorkshire (MANY)

Quickline Communications are about to ‘go live’ in their backhaul connections. This means we are one-step closer to connecting Coverdale. There are still some technical issues, which they are working to overcome. As soon as we have a confirmed date, we will let you know.
Our use cases are working on proof of concepts. This means that once the network goes live we will be a position to test the technology straight away. Everything is moving forward – albeit slower than we would have liked.
Lancaster University Management School has released their early findings from the interviews which they have conducted with residents of Coverdale. The report is available on our website. This has been fed into DCMS and other current Government consultations. The project is holding a discussion event with other digital infrastructure projects which aims to develop best practice, generate discussion for future collaboration ideas and work out collective next steps that might better achieve the aim of helping rural communities to achieve socio-economic flourishing through improved connectivity. This is part of our scaling up of the findings. The event, alongside the continued interviewing of any Coverdale resident who want to take part, will form a second report.
Now that restrictions are lifting and it is easier to meet face to face, if your Council would like a member of the MANY project to attend a Parish Council meeting to give an update on the project, please let us know.
Contact us via email or call 0300 400 4444.
Further information can be found on our Twitter and Facebook pages @MobileaccessNY

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