Middleham was blessed with a beautiful sunny afternoon for the Playpark Castle opening ceremony with lots of families coming along. It was lovely to see so many children using the new equipment and parents gave lots of positive feedback. Cllr Honor Byford, Deputy Chairman, spoke some lovely words of thanks to the group that ran the project followed by a blessing from local Lay Reader Neil Mabbott. It was great to have Tony Tait join us as a representative from one of our funders, Tarmac via the Landfill Communities Fund.  Matthew Day from the supplier, Streetscape, came along to support us and has been a vital part in helping to bring the whole project together. We also invited the Darlington & Stockton paper for some great pictures and a super write up. There were refreshments and lots cake enjoyed by all!

The Town Council through a sub-committee of residents headed by Kathy Wheeler, had attracted significant external funding this major revamp of the older children’s play area in Park Lane reflecting the Town’s history with a castle-themed structure.

Many thanks are due to the generosity of three external funders.

  • Tarmac Landfill Communities Fund £21,750

  • Richmondshire District Council Play Park Funding Scheme 2021-22 £10,000

  • National Lottery Awards for All £10,000

The Town Council contributed £5,258.