Covid vaccinations – message from Medical Centres – updated 12 January 2020

The Chair of  Leyburn Medical Practice has written as follows:

This is just to reassure you, and anyone who might ask you, that despite the recent poor weather, no doses of the vaccine have been lost or wasted at any of the vaccination clinics held locally. As we would expect, Leyburn Medical Centre, like every other practice, has supplied the vaccination centre with reserve lists of patients to call at short notice, should this be necessary. Patients should still wait to be invited to attend as the centres work through the Government’s priority groups.

Previous message was:

We have received the following message, if you are expecting to be called for a vaccine but have not been called yet.

Since some patients who have not yet been called forward for vaccination have been uncertain whether they have been missed off the list, can I ask you to assure anyone who has such concerns that patients are being contacted in tranches as the vaccine is available, and NHS advice is that they should not contact the practice but wait to  be contacted.