Council Office Closure – Clerk on leave

The Clerk’s Office will be closed whilst the Clerk is on leave from 4pm on Wednesday 22 September, all of the following week and re-open at 9am Tuesday 5 October.  Usual Office hours are Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9 am until 4 pm

The receptionist in the Key Centre may be able to take messages and help with your enquiry.

You may send an email to  Any messages left will be dealt with after the Clerk returns.

Any urgent matters should be submitted to Town Councillors on any of the following numbers

Councillor Susan Fairhurst: 01969 622993

Councillor Honor Byford: 01969 625304

Councillor Lorna Skelton: 07793 673240

Councillor Simon Wheeler: 07753 543589

Councillor Nigel Hopper: 07594 814524

Councillor Greg Fortune: 07521 626743