Construction Starts on New Play Area Equipment!

Installation of Middleham’s exciting new play equipment in the Park Lane play area will start, weather permitting, on Wednesday 2 March.  Construction may take two to three weeks, again partly dependent upon weather.

The initial phase will be removal of the existing equipment.  Our contractor, Streetscape, has advised the following:

  1. Working hours will be approximately 8am to 4pm daily
  2. There will be a maximum 5 workers on site; they will park their vehicles at the Key Centre to avoid taking up residents’ parking spaces.
  3. Much of the work will be undertaken by hand so we are hopeful that this will not disturb nearby residents. Some equipment (all compliant with appropriate standards for noise levels) will be used: mini digger, petrol generator, petrol concrete mixer, occasionally drills).  Most of the equipment is manufactured as a complete item at the factory, so there will be minimal noise and activity on site.
  4. The initial phase includes excavation of existing equipment which is likely to be the noisiest period; we do not expect there to be any dust or debris.
  5. From Wednesday 2 March, access to the Park Lane play area will be closed until further notice. Within the play area, a small compound by will be created to fence off excavations and equipment overnight with Heras fencing.  Heras fencing will also be put up around the skip.
  6. Deliveries to site will be timed to avoid school traffic.
  7. A skip will be located on the green open space in Park Lane.
  8. Larger items may be offloaded by a Hi-Ab lorry (ie using a crane). Streetscape will organise a banksman to ensure all deliveries to site or other vehicle / equipment movements from Park Lane are undertaken safely.
  9. The footpath alongside the play area will remain open.

If you have any questions please contact David Keep, Town Clerk, Middleham Town Council Tel 07531 580499