Construction of Civic Burial Ground to Start!

On Monday 14 June, Gavin Smith Ltd will commence construction of a stone wall and paved footpath and other preparatory works for the Town’s new burial ground adjoining the existing Church yard on the open space behind Park Lane/St Alkelda’s and Kingsley Drive. Gavin’s vehicles will access the site across the Church Field from St Alkelda’s when necessary.

This work will take some weeks and at some point, it will be necessary to close the footpath that runs from the Church across the site to the footpath between the playparks, for up to 5 days whilst the paved path is being constructed. Details of this closure will be advertised nearer the time.

During construction, which may take 4 to 6 weeks, please take care for yourself, your children and your dogs when walking past the area, as it is a construction site and equipment and vehicles may be in use. Safety fences and signs will, of course, be in place as required.

If you have any concerns about these works, please either contact Gavin at the time if it is urgent or safety related, or any Councillor or the Town Clerk, David Keep 07531 580499 and we will do our best to help. Council contact details are on our website:

The Burial Ground has been professionally designed with additional advice from local undertakers. It required planning permission, which was duly submitted, publicised and approved by Richmondshire District Council .

The Burial Ground will be owned and managed by Middleham Town Council. Burials and interment of ashes will both be possible once works are completed. Details about burials, fees etc will be published prior to the Burial Ground being opened.