Carriageway Retexturing Works – Notifications from NYCC Area 1 – Road Closures between Spigot Lodge and Common Lane from Monday 28 February 2022

The Town Council has received the following notification from NYCC Highways, which may affect your journey.

A map showing the affected route is here: Roadworks map _ NYCC Spigot to Common Lane


This letter is to inform you that North Yorkshire County Council will be undertaking highway maintenance on the road between Spigot Lodge Farm and to the entrance Of Common Lane.  The works are programmed to be undertaken from Monday 28 February 2022 to Wednesday 2 March 2022.  The road will be closed each day between 08:30 hours and 13:00 hours.

Due to the narrow width of the road and the large retexturing machine we will have on site the road will be closed to all through traffic during the above dates and hours.

The work is part of an extensive programme and as a consequence it is possible that some adjustment to this start date or the duration of the works may be necessary should unforeseen circumstances (such as significant weather events or emergencies on the highway network arise).

This may inevitably restrict vehicular access to properties directly affected but our contractors will try to assist you where possible during the working day through the use of on-site personnel tasked with managing access. Please be advised there will be extended periods when access will just not be possible due to the nature of the works and physical constraints of the site. Unfortunately, pedestrian access cannot be permitted we request your assistance in the following ways: –

Please contact the Customer Resolution Centre on 01609 780780 to identify any special access needs you may have during the work period

  • Please co-operate and comply with any instructions issued by the traffic management operatives and take extra care whilst within the works area.

May I draw your attention to the County Councils Corporate Privacy Policy by using the following link When submitting a response, we will record personal information including your name and address.

For further information, including diversion information and to sign up for alerts please go to;

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any disruption that these works may cause and would again request your co-operation to help ensure an efficiently and safely executed project.

Yours faithfully

Customer Resolution Centre